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May 02, 2008


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I'll have to take a listen. I'm wondering what kind of music this is, folk, rock, etc. I'll bookmark it and check it out later this weekend. Ah, how that bookmark list grows!

Hi Melissa, it really depends what song you listen to- they are hard to classify. The scene from the movie featuring Gold is on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6HjhoXsKko
It sounds more traditional to me, other songs sound more rock.

Actually, I'd love some feedback from my readers if anyone has time... do you mind following links to YouTube etc to check out music, or do you prefer to download mp3 files? I especially want to know this: does it make a difference in whether you check out a band or not?

I would not offer any Interference songs without permission for a few reasons, but in other cases I might consider it.

Leave a comment here or email me at asweetunrest(AT)yahoo.com.

Fergus O'Farrell and Interference are the best! I have been listening to his/their music since seeing the film ONCE. Also to The Swell Season and the Frames. They have taken over my listening time completely! Fergus' voice is premier and the songs he and friends write and sing/play are seemingly perfect for him. I am in awe. On the Interference CD there is a song: Breaking Out, that just grabs at my heart every time I hear it. The backup by Glen Hansard is just great and when they exchange melody/harmony near the end.... music just doesn't get better. Thanks for your post. More people need to know about O'Farrell and Interference.

Hi Nolan, thank you so much for commenting. Their music has really touched me too and it's such a pleasure to hear from another fan. I agree Breaking Out is fantastic. I read somewhere that Interference are working on a new record and I sincerely hope it's true!

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I, too, am smitten by Fergus. I was so fortunate to have caught the Interference performance at Radio City that you mentioned. It was brilliant. I just picked up the EP he did back in 2007 with David Bickley, "All Your Life/Sweet Love." It's so very different with Bickley's pulsing soundscapes, but god does it ever work! Genius.

Hi Adriana, How amazing you got to see that show!! Wonderful! I like that EP a lot even though as you say the sound is quite different. Sweet Love especially is such a gorgeous song. Thanks for stopping by.

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