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April 26, 2009


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Mrs Young is an avid knitter too and has been making lots of things for the baby already. :)

this is beautiful, greer. i love the idea of putting your sorrow somewhere. thank you. : )

p.s. i could never knit. crochet, yes, a little, but knitting was beyond me . . .

Hi Tim, that is lovely :)). I think there is something so special about seeing the little ones in something made by hand just for them. Does Mrs Young blog or post pictures of her work anywhere?

Thank you very much, Marcy. I've been wanting to learn crochet because I would love to make something like this. In fact I recently bought a book about it but I can't make heads or tails of it :)!

hmm, don't know why the hyperlink didn't work but anyway this is the blanket: http://tinyurl.com/djoom5

I tried knitting a few years ago, but I didn't really connect with it. However, I do like to have something to do with my hands while listening to music. Usually, I cuddle with and pet my cat ;)

Hi Meilissa, the cat is probably much better company!

I can crochet a few cliches and turn them into blog postings....

JC: I have to disagree with you there, we all know your blog postings are much more than that!!

OK, promise not to tell anyone... but i'm addicted to knitting too, shhhh! It's a sickness sometimes, I think. Thankfully we like to wear handmade socks and it's cold here for most of the year so that quells my urges, ... mostly. :)

and yes, the listening is very important. I can't just sit there. How do other people just listen to music?


Tart, If a rock n' roll vixen like you can also be a knitter then I am going to stop feeling so dowdy about it :)))!

I confess that I've never tried to make socks... don't you need ten needles or something? It seems very intimidating.

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