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May 24, 2010


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What a wallop in those last lines.

I was going to play this, because it's lovely and because, you know, fairy tales and dragons and all, but the message is the exact opposite isn't it?





It's a bit Harry Potter. Have we ever talked about how, since I've been reading them to myself or aloud to one of the girlies constantly since 11th August 1999 I am very highly qualified to talk, at great length, about how much I don't like them? I like the fact that it's a sonnet, though - is love the answer? That's the only really interesting thing H Bleedin' P has to say, I think.

Ha! No you haven't told me about that yet, and I would also love to know how it is you remember the exact day you started reading them.

I don't care for them either and I only made it through the 4th so I can't comment on them as a series in any way but I will say that the only thing in this poem that made me think Harry Potter was the obvious line,

The language of snakes, perhaps, an invisible cloak

and the way I read the poem, I think she very deliberately and very cleverly references something that is wildly popular right now, something that clearly resonates with many adults as well as children. That and the line about about the phone book I think are particularly well-done, given the final couplet.

(said the former showgirl to the English teacher x)

11th August 1999

Yeah, you have a point. I just react against those references.

who can blame you after 11 years?

I looooove Harry Potter and this poem is very neat and unique in it's own way!!!!

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