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August 31, 2008


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I was going to post the link to the article on Billy Collins here, but you're right, it's not available online-- anymore. I read the article online. I know because I saw the photos that are in the article before I received my issue of P & W. Odd that they would take it off, unless they expect the cover boy to sell a lot of magazines.

His book is already the #1 selling poetry book on Amazon, and the release is more than a week away!


Hi Mom Of 4, thank you for the link. Pretty cool that it's number one already! How funny that P&W had the article up and then took it down.

I am not familiar with Billy Collins although I have heard the name. Hmm. I'm not sure whether I like this piece. Maybe it's too long for me (I like 'em short or spoken). It would be a good poem for group analysis and discussion.

I don't buy P&W on a regular basis but when I saw this issue I HAD to get it! I can't wait until his new book comes out.

Hi Melissa, Most of his that I've read are on the long side so he may not be your cup of tea. Though he is supposed to give very good readings. I hope to see him if he comes through this way.

And Iliana, I got a discount on a subscription to P&W but I don't know if I'll renew it when it's up. Sometimes it just seems like a big catalog of MFA programs. But then they have a great article like this!

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