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January 26, 2011


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This kilts for you, lassie!

Beautiful post Greer.

Adore that Edwin Moore poem in particular

"Love rules. Love laughs. Love marches. Love
is the wolf that guards the gate."


"Love is terror. Love is sweat. Love is bashed pillow, crumpled sheet, unenviable fate."


why thank you Mr Spence, it'll go with my boots!

Thank you Agnes. I adore this poem too, and especially the part ending with "unenviable fate" that you mention, it makes me almost queasy in a way that seems so utterly perfect.

I've had him up once before, you might like this too.

Oh and I so love Eddi Reader. Thanks for that!

Well, well, well! We're having a belated Burns Night supper tonight - haggis, neeps, tatties, trifle, and whisky. Oh, and cheese as well. Coz cheese rules. As does Liz Lochhead. :)

Nice to know you're also a fan, Jeremy.

FiL- I am still not eating haggis but all the rest sounds very good and I need to read more Liz :)

I'll serve you some haggis if you ever come east, Greer. You'll love it. :)

I had so much fun reading through a bunch of Robert Burns' poetry to prepare for Burns Night last week. That Edwin Morgan poem is really lovely. Just in time to use some lines in a Valentine's Day card.

Maybe we can stick the the Boston Cream Pie cupcakes... :)?

I'm so glad you liked the Edwin Morgan, we may see him again before Valentine's Day because he has a lot of really wonderful ones.

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